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A bit disappointed

Dark Witch - Nora Roberts

I enjoyed this book right up until the last 20 or so pages. As I reached the last page, I could be heard in the next county bellowing, "That's IT???" The entire book led up to an "event" that was critical to the book and all the characters' lives...and the event was over almost before it began. 


I hate to be cynical here, but it felt like "just a little something" offered up to reward the reader for staying through the other 348 pages of pretty intense build-up.


It's a trilogy after all...and you can't have it all in the first book. But still.


I like the story so far, and am willing to give the trilogy a second chance. I've pre-ordered the second book with hopes that the story digs deeper and the characters all develop more layers and whatnot. Because I DO like these characters. I hope it delivers better than this one.