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Maine (Vintage Contemporaries)

Maine - J. Courtney Sullivan I struggled with this book. The writing is quite fine, actually, but the story killed me. Of the several main characters, the most apparently pleasant one was dead. Of the several surviving characters, only two were reasonably decent human beings, although stuffed full of neuroses and dysfunction. The rest were just ugly disagreeable people. I began to dread picking up the book to find out what they said and did next. Lots of Boston Irish Catholic Guilt here, marinated with cold cruel alcoholism and complete (vicious) family dysfunction. I was never so glad to see the end of a book.

A year later...

I had to revisit this review. A year later and I still think about these characters and I remember them as if they were my own family. I still don't like any of them and am thankful the fates didn't hand me a mother like this one. But when a story and writing stick for this long and I spend as much time thinking about the characters as I have this bunch, it must mean the author did something very right. And so, I'm reconsidering my stars...raising them to four instead of three.

But I still really dislike these people. Really, really, dislike....