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Loving Frank - Nancy Horan I did enjoy this book and the author is an engaging writer. However. Loving Frank is a novel and that is its flaw. I don't think the author ever reconciled herself to writing a novel about real life individuals for whom she apparently had a high regard. I don't feel as if she ever found her comfort level with novelizing Frank Lloyd Wright, in particular. Unless there were primary sources from which to make a definitive statement, Horan had difficulty taking the liberty to make connections or to take artistic license.

Consequently, she never successfully (for me) made the case for why Mamah sacrificed everything (including her children, social acceptance, and financial stability) to follow Wright when he treated her fairly poorly and sacrificed nothing for her. He did not emerge as a likable human being.

It would seem that a novel should have been good vehicle for fleshing out the case for why Mameh gave up everything for this man. At roughly the turn of the century, this wasn't something a woman would do lightly without extremely compelling reasons. Horan never really gave me any and I think Mamah had a lot more depth than displayed in the novel -- even though she was the most developed character in the novel. The others tended to remain cardboard figures. If Horan couldn't make the case, then this shouldn't have been a novel, simply a biography. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it enormously, this being the first I've learned of the incredibly tragic Mameh.